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History Behind The Park


The land that Carrington Park occupies has been in the same family ownership since 1921 when the current owner’s Great Grandfather purchased farming land in Milford on Sea and opened up one of the fields for Scouts & Guides to pitch their tents.

When the next generation took over in the 1940’s the field was opened up for caravans during the summer months but then reverted to grazing land during the winter.  This meant that the caravans had to be removed from the field and stored behind the farmhouse.  In those days the caravans were a lot smaller and very basic with no electrics or plumbing, instead lighting was from a gas mantle and sanitary provision was a bucket, with disposal being dealt with by a local man who used to come round with his horse & cart to empty the buckets.

During the 1960’s the running of the park passed to the third generation which included the current owner’s parents David & Ruth Milnes.  As they didn’t then live in the area the park was run with the assistance of a Site Manager.

In 1963 a toilet block was erected on site during a winter so harsh that it was possible to skate on Sturt Pond.  By this time caravans were getting bigger and it was becoming increasingly difficult to move them off site for the winter period.  Eventually the council agreed that rather than transporting the caravans off site they could be stored in one corner of the field.  At this time the park was only open for 7 months of the year and when the caravans were re-sited in the April owners didn’t necessarily find their caravan in the same place as it was the previous season.  It wasn’t until the mid1970’s that the caravans were allowed to stay in situ throughout the year.

The 1970’s saw further changes with David & Ruth Milnes now living in Milford on Sea and running the park themselves, but sadly in 1978 Mrs Milnes was widowed.  At this time the current proprietor Tony Milnes joined his mother to help run the park whilst a decision was made as to the future.

As Tony had the same passion for the park and the area as his parents and had been caravanning here from a very early age he decided to set about a modernisation program. Since the early 1980’s Tony has been’ hands-on’ in building Carrington Park up to the 5 star park that you see today, with full mains services to all caravans, the demolition of the toilet block (which some of our owners remember being built by his father), the building of a new office, reception, shower & laundry facilities and landscaping.  Tony has also put together a small and loyal team of staff with over 60 years’ experience between them.  We are also very proud to have a number of owners who have been with us throughout the re-development of the park and are now enjoying the luxury that a modern holiday caravan provides.

The caravans of today may be vastly different from the small & basic caravans of ‘days gone by’ but there is no doubting that the pleasure our owners and their families get from their Holiday Home remains the same.